Helping You With Your Child Custody Documentation

Child custody is more than just getting a lawyer and going to court.  Sometimes it can be a battle.  And, every case is different.  You have to be prepared to show why you are the best parent for your child's needs. 
Abbey Howes can help you with her experience gathering and organizing documents and evidence for your case.  She has experience with protective orders, child custody, and divorce cases.  
Abbey is available to book in person consultations in the Evansville, IN area, or phone consultations anywhere in the United States.  She has been through it, and is able to offer the help and advice you need to be the star client for you attorney.

Judge and Gavel
Stack of Files

Protective Orders

Abbey can help you gather the documentation and evidence you need in order to get your protective order ASAP and make it a quick and streamline process.  It will save you time and headache to get your evidence together before you go into the courthouse and fill out the actual forms by having your evidence organized and ready.  By having all of your evidence ready, it can also increase your chances of having your protective order granted.

Child Custody

Have a child custody case going or about to happen?  It is a stressful time to say the least.  In order to be the best prepared and do what is best for your child, you need to have all of your documentation and evidence up to date and organized.  This will help you with your attorney, potentially saving money in billing hours, and show the court that you are organized and on your game.  Abbey can show you how to get it all in tip top shape and stay on top of it so that the task isn't so daunting.