A Mom's Guide to Child Custody Ebook

A Mom's Guide to Child Custody Ebook

Child Custody is hard! I've been through it. I know! Court is hard. It's scary. And many of us have never even set foot inside of a court room.

I've compiled lists, guides, and information of everything you need to know about what to expect in your child custody case.

Dealing with a narcissistic ex? Got it covered. You'll learn how to get the evidence you need to make him show his true colors in court.

Wondering what to even expect in court? Read the book and find out what will more than likely happen and how to present yourself.

Are you depressed? I have listed ways that helped me through my child custody case when I was really feeling down.

I've also included some creative writing, inspirational quotes, and resources to help you through this mess and come out as a winner for your child!

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The All of It Custody Binder is a great additional resource for this book! Make sure you check it out!

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